Reiki Healing

We are the masters of our own destiny…

However we may need that extra boost to becoming the person you wish to be physically, emotionally and spiritually. That is where I come in. I am here to inspire and help people to become the empowered, optimistic, healthy and happy individuals they wish to be. I will guide you to overcome and defeat your inner demons and fears and to provide you with the tools to continue to face any obstacle that may cross your path in the future.

Over the years I have studiedReiki healing and am now a Reiki Master possessing the necessary skills to practice and teach it.

I have also successfully earned a diploma in Life Coaching and Performance Coaching working with energy levels to help others get to where they want to be in life.  I work with you to change and control your energy flow to be used in a positive way to bring lasting and happy results.

Mikao Usui developed this ever popular spiritual practice in 1922 after becoming enlightened during his 21 days of fasting and meditation on Mount Kurama. Here he developed 5 basic principles to promote ‘the secret method of inviting good fortune’ and encourage this marvellous medicine for all sicknesses.

Today I will let go of all anger

Today I will let go of worry

Today I will be grateful for my blessings

Today I will work with integrity

Today I will be kind to others and myself

Reiki Healing is about helping you to achieve this state of inner tranquillity today. To take hold of the now and your forever future.

Reiki Healing Sessions

The Reiki sessions that I conduct last for approximatly 30 minutes where I will rebalance your Meridian Line to help dismiss any negative energy within your body and bring out the positives within.

The session will begin as soon as you enter the healing room that has been designed to promote inner peace and tranquility with candles and Reiki music to help increase the positive flow of energy.

The session will require you lying down on the Reiki table to begin the balancing. From here I will analyse your core area's (that you can see in the picture below) and then conduct the healing where I will balance and shift the energy around your body to create an even flow of energy and dispelling any negativity within.